We’re still welcoming the new year and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by welcoming some new members to the LCT team!  I’ve said it before – I am incredibly blessed to work with the most amazingly talented, intelligent and creative people.  Marabeth Poole, who recently joined the PARKS family of REALTORS®, is no exception!  Marabeth is enthusiastic, animated and upbeat… three characteristics that serve real estate professionals (and their clients!) very, very well!   I am delighted that Marabeth will be joining me as an on-site agent at the Hillsboro Cove, and downtown Franklin neighborhoods of Everbright Ave. and Ralston Row.
Marabeth working on the Bit of Earth project in Everbright.

Before joining PARKS, Marabeth spent 4 years serving the King’s Chapel community and specialized in resale and new construction.  She brings the knowledge she gleaned there to our growing communities in Williamson County.  Combined with her strong work-ethic, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit, I believe Marabeth will be a perfect fit at PARKS and specifically as a partner with my team.  She knows her stuff!  She understands how new construction differs from resale, she has a vibrant relationship with clients and shows an uncanny ability to match buyers with the community and neighborhood that will best meet their needs.
The first time I met Marabeth, I thought, “Now here’s a hard worker…..she is a real go-getter.”  I quickly learned how true this is!  And her enthusiasm for her work endeavors extends beyond real estate.  She’s involved in the music industry, is an integrative health coach and previously owned a chain of Aveda salons in the Middle Tennessee area.  These previous pursuits have truly enhanced her Realtor’s toolbox.  While managing over sixty employees at her salons, she got to know Middle Tennessee, met with and worked with customers from many walks of life.  As part of the music industry, she knows how unique and special Nashville and Williamson County truly are and she knows how to market our communities to creative types.  And believe me, every Realtor is part therapist, so that life and health coaching will definitely come in handy as Marabeth continues to grow her business!

Please join me in welcoming Marabeth to the LCT team!  We are delighted to be working with her.
Marabeth can be contacted at Marabeth@marabethhomes.com or at (615) 498-2255.

Marabeth working on the Bit of Earth project in Everbright.