With an unprecedented Middle Tennessee real estate market, home sellers may be taking advantage of a smaller supply of homes, but, we want to help you earn the most on your sale by preparing for an early spring market.  Yes, that’s our prediction!


Early Spring Market, LCT Team - Parks

Early Spring Real Estate Market  

The tips we are sharing are actually something you should be doing annually to prevent problems from being ignored and becoming more costly in the long run.  In the spring and the fall, as the time changes, conduct a home check.  Here’s what we have on our list and you may want to enlist your plumber or painter’s help on a few.

Twice A Year Home Check List 

-Most air conditioning service companies offer a yearly contract for maintenance.  It’s a good idea to do this so you don’t forget and it automatically gets your on their wait list which can be long when people forget advises Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor.

-The damage a rodent can make is the top reason checking your crawl space should be on your twice a year list says Lisa.  “Your plumber or handyman can save you a lot of money in the long run if this is caught early,” says Lisa.

-Since you’ve gone under, definitely head high and check the attic.  You can catch any roof leaks or look for unwelcome guests like squirrels or mice which we have in abundance in the Nashville area!


Add This To Your Once A Year List 

-Once a year, clean your carpet says Realtor Amy Pappas, especially if you have a pet.

-Amy also suggests painting touch ups.  Instead of looking at annoying bumps and chips for years, once a year, grab the spare paint and keep your space up-to-date.

This pretty home above at 2840 Sawyer Bend Road, Franklin did a great kitchen paint update.

-Deep cleaning is something Realtor Megan Jones Campbell suggests for the once a year list.  “I also like to add purging my closet to this list.  You might want to keep a donation bag nearby so you can do this a little at a time,” Megan said.


And, this pro tip comes from Realtor Margaret Flowers Orton, have a pre-inspection done of your home.  “If you are getting ready for the 2021 early spring real estate market, get your home pre-inspected now and tackle that list.  It will save you a big headache trying to do it all at once,”  Margaret shared.


107 Harlinsdale Court, Franklin, LCT Team - Parks

This impeccable home is available at 107 Harlinsdale Court in Franklin.

Stay On Top Of Curb Appeal 

While you are busy decorating for the seasons, use this as an opportunity to update your curb appeal with new shrubs, painted mailbox, concrete repairs or update your lighting.  Megan suggests keeping your landscaping fresh and debris free!

7000 Lanceleaf, College Grove, TN, LCT Team - Parks

This beautiful home at 7000 Lanceleaf in College Grove has incredible curb appeal.

Check In With The Real Estate Pros 

Ultimately, as you are preparing for the 2021 early spring market, you’ll want to chat with a real estate professional.  The smart Realtors of the LCT Team – Parks would love to help you in selling or buying a new home.  From Lisa Culp Taylor being named Nashville Lifestyle’s Favorite Realtor to Amy Pappas earning Rookie of the Year for the Williamson County Realtors Association, the team has a deep knowledge of the area, the market and a great list of resources to make this a positive experience.  Call them today at 615-595-5883.


LCT Team - Parks, Franklin, TN