Lisa Culp Taylor


After more than twenty years as a Realtor® in Middle Tennessee, Lisa knows that the key to success (both for her team and for her clients!) can be summed up in three words: commitment, professionalism and service.  In this fast-paced marketplace, meticulous attention to small details can make a big difference.  By providing in-depth market analysis, offering personal evaluations of homes for prospective buyers and sellers, and maintaining a cutting-edge marketing approach, the LCT team promises to make the buying and selling process as uncomplicated and enjoyable as possible.


Marabeth Poole


Marabeth Poole has recently joined the LCT team as our on-site agent at Hillsboro Cove, and the  Ralston Row and Everbright communities.  Before joining us, Marabeth served the King’s Chapel community for four years and specialized in resale and new construction.  She brings the knowledge she gleaned there to our growing communities in Williamson County.  Combined with her strong work-ethic, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit, Marabeth has already become an important part of our team.  She understands how new construction differs from resale, has a vibrant relationship with clients and shows an uncanny ability to match buyers with the community and neighborhood that will best meet their needs.

Vickie Freas


Bringing more than 25 years of real estate experience to the table, Vickie Freas joins us as our on-site agent in Benington, Scales Farmstead and The Hideaway at Arrington.  She is exceedingly qualified to guide our clients and home buyers along every step of their exciting new path as they design and build their new home or purchase a newly constructed home.  Vickie understand the different phases of construction.  She gets the ins and outs.  She speaks builder-ese.  She loves every aspect of her job, from listening to what clients want to helping them find a plan and then modifying it here and there to make it one-hundred percent perfect.  In short, Vickie thrives on helping clients “create the dream” of their new home!

Michelle Arnold


Michelle has been with PARKS Realty since 2016 and now joins our team as a buyer’s agent. As a college professor, Michelle (who holds a PhD in Education), helped educate the future teachers of America, but during her tenure as a professor, she kept a toe in the world of real estate.  Transferring the skills she learned as an educator to her new life as a Realtor®, Michelle brings an enthusiasm and flexibility to her toolbox that is crucial to our client’s success.  She loves connecting with clients, getting to know them and understanding what it is they truly want in a new home.  When it comes right down to it, Michelle knows that this business is all about building and maintaining relationships and we are delighted that she’s chosen to share her love of new homes and new friendships with us!

Megan Jones

Buyers Agent

Megan Jones is our newest full-time buyer’s agent, but she’s been an integral part of the LCT team for almost ten years.  From Lisa’s personal assistant to her most recent position as Operations Manager, Megan truly knows this business from the inside out and, best of all, was trained by and as Lisa’s right-hand gal! Anyone who has had a chance to watch Megan in action, to witness her incredible work ethic, refreshing practicality and quick wit, knows that she will be as successful in her newest role as she’s been in every other position she’s held on our team!  Megan was licensed as an affiliate broker in 2013 and has served as our buyer’s agent as needed, so she’s eminently qualified for this new full-time venture.  While currently serving well-satisfied clients in Williamson County, Megan looks forward to expanding her business throughout all of Middle Tennessee.

Tiffany Ambrose

Marketing Administrator

As a team, we strive to provide an individual, customer-dedicated approach to each and every listing. Tiffany, with her vast marketing experience, keeps us focused on that goal and reminds us that small distinctions, interesting tidbits and most importantly, visually dynamic publications, sell homes! As Marketing Manager, Tiffany creates the gorgeous and unique brochures, flyers and postcards that attract potential buyers and help them see your home in its very best light. She also monitors and creates virtual online tours, manages web marketing, e-mail advertising and more. Tiffany’s attention to detail and her total commitment to fresh, creative real estate marketing helps set our team apart in this competitive market.

Karen Broomhead

Transaction Administrator

Karen Broomhead is our transaction administrator and handles everything from processing transaction paperwork to scheduling and coordinating activities to keeping clients 100% up to date.  She began working for PARKS in January of 2015 as a receptionist, but quickly realized the LCT team was the place to be!  She transitioned to our office in May of 2016.  Though Karen says the best part of her job is working with and learning from Lisa, she also credits Megan as a role model.  Like Megan, Karen understand that with hard work and dedication, this wild world of real estate provides an excellent career path.

Holly Hockaday

Marketing/Social Media Assistant

Holly Hockaday has recently joined the team as our Marketing/Social Media Assistant.  Working closely with the entire team, but especially Lisa and Megan, Holly focuses on keeping our social media presence updated and vibrant.  That new facebook post about a newly framed home in Everbright? Or the Instagram post celebrating a shiny sold sign in Hillsboro Cove… all Holly!  As she finishes her studies in public relations from ETSU, Holly is building a knowledge base and getting great hands-on experience that has already proven fruitful for the LCT team and will be a huge boon to Holly as she pursues her dream of becoming a Realtor.

Kristin Kash

Team Assistant

Kristin’s warm and sunny voice is often the first you hear when you reach out to our team at the office. Kristin is enthusiastic, outgoing and knowledgeable and able to quickly and efficiently answer questions and help clients. In addition to answering incoming calls Kristin also handles administrative paperwork and delivers marketing supplies to our Sellers. Kristin excels at her job as she has a vast knowledge of new construction and was previously a Realtor and now has her Real Estate license in retirement.