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Kitchen Must Have Features

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is one of the hardest working rooms and home owners have a lot of priorities for this space.  The LCT Team - Parks real estate experts shares the latest kitchen trends and popular features highlighting several homes currently...

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Creating Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces 

From water features and covered porches to cozy sitting areas with all-weather fabric, creating dreamy outdoor living spaces is a great way to add lifestyle and entertaining options to a home.  The experts of the LCT Team – Parks share their top ideas for weaving...

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Best Home Improvements For Resale

With May being National Home Improvement Month, homeowners need to be careful when prioritizing home improvements to gain the most value.  The real estate experts at the LCT Team dig into these priorities identifying the best home improvements for resale and shared in...

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Selling A Home Is Not For Sissies In 2019

Selling a home is not for sissies was a LCT blog from 2015 and, today, we offer an update on why selling your home in 2019 is challenging in this active Middle Tennessee real estate market and what you need to consider before listing your house for sale. Be sure and...

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Seasonal Organization Brings Year-Round Happiness

If you grew up dreading spring cleaning, our solution for you is seasonal organizing as we chime in on the current rage of smart home organization. Seasonal Organizing Hear us out. If you take on the chore of organizing by committing to four serious home updates,...

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