How To Help Pets Adjust To A New Home

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When you begin the process of selling your home and moving, there are so many details to consider including helping your pets adjust to the process. Based on the LCT Team – Parks years of experience and love for animals, here’re the top tips to help. Helping Pets Adjust – Have A Plan Once you’ve listed your home, your pets will sense change is in the air and different pets will have different reactions says [...]

Stretching Summer Fun: LCT Team Top Ideas

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Technically, summer won’t end until September 23 this year, and some of the LCT Team are sharing their favorite ideas to stretch the summer fun! From state parks to petting zoos, here are some of their top ideas for family activities.   Exploring Parks And Rivers Beginning with some budget-friendly fun, exploring Middle Tennessee’s beautiful parks and rivers is a great way to get your kids off their electronic gadgets, into nature and for free! [...]